Nutritionist in Delhi NCR

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Nutritious diet is extremely important…

The thing about Nutrition is that it goes way beyond the basic calculation of calories consumed and calories burned through the course of the day. It is also possible that you might be burning more calories than you are eating, but just because you are not having a nutritious diet, you are not able to achieve the results that you actually desire.

The crucial thing here is not eating sufficient or less, but eating what is actually right and appropriate for you according to your body type and the kind of work you carry out in your daily schedule. In order for this to happen, you would always be better off hiring the services of a qualified Nutritionist in Delhi NCR.


A Nutritionist can help you in more ways than you can imagine…

When you work with a Nutritionist, you get a completely different point of view about the things you eat and the way you eat them in your daily routine. The timing of meals before you hit the bed; the importance of including seasonal veggies and fruits in your daily diet; intake of green veggies to complement the iron deficiency; there are so many aspects of eating that you are exposed to that it gives you a whole new perspective about managing your daily meals.


At Sai Mahima, we can help you make the transition…

By coming to an experienced dietician like Sai Mahima, you will be able to make all those healthy transitions in your diet, which your body would need to keep you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. After reviewing your eating routine, an experienced nutritionist/dietitian will immediately know what’s stopping you from attaining your health goals in life.

Once the areas requiring attention are identified, your nutritionist will proceed with devising a well structured plan to make the required transitions in your diet regimen, and complement it with a detailed list of food items that you should consume in your daily meals to meet the desired level of nutrition and energy needed in your diet.

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