Best Dietitian in Delhi for Weight Loss

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Looking for best dietitian in Delhi for Weight Loss?

Delhi has no dearth of good dietitians if you are looking to find one for yourself. However, if you are looking for best Dietitian in Delhi for weight loss, you might find it pretty hard to narrow one down from a long list. If you plan to go to the renowned ones that advertise their services on a very big scale, you are probably going to find their packages too expensive to afford. If you go to a dietitian in your locality, you would not be sure about getting the desired results from your investment on their weight loss program.


Find someone who is ready to listen…

If you are really interested in finding a good value for money dietitian in Delhi & NCR, you best bet would be someone, who listens to you before suggesting a plan. Unfortunately, most of these dietitians mushrooming in various parts of the city are more interested in selling their pre-packaged plans instead of taking the pain of devising a customized health plan for your individual needs. That’s why; it is important that you don’t hurry into choosing your dietitian primarily on the basis of their package cost, simply because it is conducive to your budget.


Dietitian Sai Mahima offers you 1 on 1 consultation…

A good dietitian like Sai Mahima will not only listen to you about your weight loss plans, they will also offer you the convenience of having 1 on 1 consultation sessions which could also include your spouse if you desired. During these consultation sessions, you would be given a complete run down on the nutritious aspects of meals, and also given a detailed diet chart which would list seasonal foods and veggies that you could pick to eat according to your preference.

Take a look at the highlights of these consultation sessions…

• Advice on everyday meals/snacks and their nutritional value

• Suggestions about healthy cooking methods

• Guidelines on eating out and buying packed foods

• A run down on reading and understanding food labels

• Incorporating specialised diets, like the Low FODMAP dietary regime

• Behaviour alteration for incorporating lasting changes in dietary intake

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