One to One Nutrition Consultation

We Offer healthier lifestyle.

Looking for a personalized diet service ?

Dietitian Sai Mahima provides all clients with one-on-one consultations, which can include your partner or spouse if you wish. Initial and both follow-up standard consultations with us allows you to discuss your current diet and lifestyle behaviours, in addition to the health goals you hope to achieve with dietetic guidance and support.

Along with assessing your nutritional requirements, we can provide you with take-home information on:

• Nutritious eating for everyday meals and snacks
• Healthy preparation and cooking methods
• Making suitable choices when eating out or purchasing convenience foods
• Reading and understanding food labels, based on your individual health requirements
• Undertaking specialised diets, such as the Low FODMAP dietary regime
• Behaviour modification for long-term dietary change, utilising both her training in medical nutrition therapy and health coaching.

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